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Item ID: URRS05-A
Manufacturer: Steel Horse Fabrications
Steel Horse® Rear Multi-stand w/Aluminum Spools
Steel Horse® Rear Multi-stand w/Aluminum Spools
  • Incorporates Steel Horse® E-Z lift geometry.
  • Constructed of 1.25" diameter steel tubing, .065 wall thickness.
  • Back braced for strength and stability.
  • 3" diameter Quad wheels roll straight and steady.
  • Strong 1/2" thick steel adjustable width heads.
  • Looped handle reduces trip hazards and offers a means to secure with a cable lock.
  • Geometrically designed to be strong yet lightweight, weighs just 11 pounds.
  • Designed for use with or without swing arm spools.
  • Steel rivets installed at ground contact points to prevent scratching.
  • Strong, durable powder coat finish in high gloss black.
  • Head width can be adjusted from 10.5" to 14.5" to accommodate most conventional swing arms.
  • Choice of Spool Color.
  • Flat Rate Shipping.
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Price: $132.99

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