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Item ID: RS-37
Manufacturer: Scotts Performance
Scotts Steering Stabilizer-Aprilia
Scotts Steering Stabilizer-Aprilia
The rotary damper lends itself perfectly to Sport Bikes. Billet aluminum mounts are strong, lightweight and enhance the appearance of your bike.

● Adjustable while you ride or race.
● 3 separate valving circuits
● Sweep control adjustments
● High speed valving circuit
● Compact & relatively crash proof
● Easy to move from bike to bike

Most kits include:
● Stabilizer
● Triple clamp mount
● New Triple clamp nut
● Frame bracket
● Stainless hardware w/Loctite
● Titanium Nitrade coated tower pin
● Complete instructions
● Owners Manual

Kit shown is for Mille
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Price: $479.00

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