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Item ID: 9204
Manufacturer: Sato Racing
Sato Rear Sets, Yamaha R1 2004-2006
Sato Rear Sets, Yamaha R1 2004-2006
Innovative design, precision manufacture, beautifully anodized. Precision, thats what best describes these works of art. Fully adjustable, levers ride on twin Ball Bearings, anodized in Black, Gold or Silver. These Sato rear sets can be used for either a standard or reverse shift pattern. The amount of "shift throw" can also be adjusted. Range of adjustments are:
1 10mm Forward 10mm Up
2 10mm Forward 20mm Up
3 0mm Back 20mm Up
4 0mm Back 30mm Up
5 10mm Back 20mm Up
6 10mm Back 30mm Up

Three colors to chose from, Black, Gold and Silver
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Price: $535.00

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